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The Works of Sui Sin Far

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The Works of Sui Sin Far


Edith Eaton "challenged social and political discrimination against Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans by publishing stories and articles about Chinese culture in North America." Many of her essays and stories describe what it was like to be a Chinese woman during that time period. Sui Sin Far's goal was "to encourage mutual understanding and respect between Anglo and Asian communities." She devoted herself to try to counteract the discrimination against her mother's people that was happening during that time.


"I give my right hand to the Occidentals and my left to the Orientals, hoping that between them they will not utterly destroy the insignificant 'connecting link.'"


Sui Sin Far's book, Mrs. Spring Fragrance includes two dozen stories involving the Chinese and Chinese American cultures.


Some of the stories in Mrs. Spring Fragrance include:

  • "In the Land of the Free"
  • "The Story of One White Woman Who Married a Chinese"
  • "Her Chinese Husband"
  • "The Wisdom of the New"
  • "The Story of a Little Chinese Seabird"
  • "What about the cat?"


The two stories "The Story of One White Woman Who Married a Chinese" and "Her Chinese Husband" both show "how interracial love and marriage are not only possible but also fulfilling."

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