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Sui Sin Far

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Sui Sin Far


Sui Sin Far is Edith Maud Eaton's Chinese pseudonym. Edith Eaton was born in England. Her mother was Chinese and her father was English. As a small child her family moved to North America, first living in Hudson City, New York and later settling in Montreal.


Eaton went to school until the age of eleven, and then continued her education at home. Edith's writing career began with the Montreal Newspaper, The Star. Even though she spoke only English and could "pass" as white, Edith devoted herself to challenging the Discrimination Against the Chinese immigrants and the Chinese Americans.


Eaton was proud of her Chinese heritage. She chose Sui Sin Far, her childhood nickname, as her pseudonym. In Chinese, Sui Sin Far means "water lily," a flower that is popular among the Chinese. The name Sui Sin Far also "signifies 'dignity and inderstructible love' for family and homeland." She used the pseudonym in both her personal and professional life. Edith Maud Eaton was the first writer of Asian descent to be published in North America. The Works of Sui Sin Far all invlove the Chinese and Chinese American cultures.


In 1913, Edith was stricken by rheumatism and bad health. She passed away in April of 1914.

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