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John Okada

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John Okada
September 1923-february 1971
    • John Okada was born to Japanese immigrant parents in Seattle, Washington. At the young age of nineteen, he was given the chance to serve in the army after his family had been moved to a Japanese internment camp in Idaho, and he accepted. He was discharged in 1946 with a seargent ranking. After his stint in the army, he returned to college and recieved two B.A. degrees in English and Library Sciences from the University of Washington. He also recieved a M.A. degree in english from Columbia University in 1949. His only completed novel, No-No Boy, was published in 1957. He also had begun to write another novel, of which the topic was Issei, the generation of his parents, but he died of a massive heart attack before the first draft was finished. He was 47 years old.



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