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John Milton Oskison

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John Milton Oskison



The Life Works of a Cherokee...









Born in 1874


on his European father’s cattle ranch


in Vanita, Indian Territory


to a part Cherokee mother.



(This area is known today as Oklahoma.)






Attended Willie Halsell College in Vanita, Indian Territory.


In the first graduating class of Willie Halsell College in 1894.


Received a literature degree in 1898 from Stanford University.


The first Native American to recieve a degree from this school.


Attended Harvard the following year undertaking graduate work.



One of Oskison’s classmates was Will Rogers. Who was also


part Cherokee and went on to become a movie-star cowboy.


Oskison and Rogers were lifelong friends.



Early Career Paths...



In his earlier days, Oskinson, a seasoned journalist,



wrote for various Cherokee newspapers, Collier’s Weekly, and the New York Evening Post.



In 1899 while still in attendance at Harvard, Oskison entered a short story in a contest santionned by Century Magazine.



His short story, “Only the Master Shall Praise,” won him a prize! Thus thrusting him toward a career in writing.



He had worked as an editor, served as an editorial writer, and he was even a financial expert.



Yet as pleased as he was with his peaceful professional progression,



his life was about to get interrupted.



World War...



Oskison was to serve with the American Expeditionary Force in Europe.


Lieutenant John M. Oskison served his country,


later returning home to pursue his writing.




Wild Harvest (1925)


Black Jack Davy (1926)


The Brothers Three (1935)


The Texas Titan: A Story of Sam Houston (1929)


Techumseh and His Times (1938)


Short Stories...



Diverse Tongues-A Sketch (1910)


Friends of the Indian (1905)


Only the Master Shall Praise (1900)


Remaining Causes of Indian Discontent (1907)


The Man Who Interferred (1915)


The Problem of Old Harjo" (1907)


The Quality of Mercy (1904)


When the Grass Grew Long (1901)


Young Henry and the Old Man (1908)



Indian Affairs...





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Golda Meir Library


Health Anthology of American Literature

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