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depression in silence

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The Awakening was written to break down the roles created by society and give women the freedom to succeed and pursue their talents. At the time, women were expected to be "motherly" and attend to the running of the house. The novel also shows that women can rise above oppression and find freedom in a stifling society. The novel was also written to give women the courage to pursue their careers and raise a family, without losing their identity. During Edna's struggle to find herself, she no longer wants to be a mother or a wife. She wants to be on her own and free. This novel was also used by the women’s rights movement to help women rise above their role of being slaves to society.


The Awakening also demonstrates the importance of treating mental illness properly before it is too late. If women were depressed, their mental well being was of no importance. Many physicians of the time would either ignore the symptoms of depression or hide the women away under strict survelliance. When Edna finally found freedom from her oppression, she knew it would not last. Once she tasted freedom, she realized that she could not go back to being controlled by her husband. She could not find a balance between her new found freedom and raising a family.

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