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Color Struck

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Color Struck by Zora Neale Hurston




Play Summary



Hurston's one-act play in four-scences "Color Struck" was published in 1925. Using deep south vernacular, the play starts out with "walkers" heading to a Cakewalks contest in St. Augustine, Florida dance hall. John Turner, a light brown-skinned man and Emmaline, a black woman, are to compete in the cakewalk. Emma becomes over-dramatic as she thinks John prefers light colored skin over her dark skin. As her and John are announced to enter on the floor, Emma refuses to go out with him. So Effie, a mulatoo girl volunteers to dance with John and they witn the contest. The play's ending is unsatisfactory as John comes back into Emma's life only to find out she has a daughter. John professes his feelings towards Emma but she refuses to believe him. For Emma can't believe anyone could lover her and love her for who she is and the color of her skin because she herself, is ashamed of it.

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